What Is TightSculpt™?

TightSculpting™, is a unique, non-invasive, laser treatment that combines two procedures into one treatment to sculpt and tighten any body area

A laser gently and safely heats the fat in the treatment area to the point where the fat cell dies and can be processed out of the body. The laser is then used to tighten the skin by generating new collagen which results in firmer skin tone and smoother skin surface. It can be conducted virtually anywhere on the body where tighter, smoother skin is desired. TightSculpting delivers clinically-proven results without having to undergo extensive liposuction or surgery.

How Does TightSculpt™ Work?

The laser affects the tattoo with very short and strong laser pulses that penetrate deep into the skin, without injuring the top layers. These pulses are then absorbed by the pigments in the ink and as the laser light is
transformed into photoacoustic waves, it mechanically breaks up the ink into smaller particles. These are then naturally absorbed by the body’s own immune system.

The TightSculpt™ Process

  • Initial Consultation

  • Procedure: Approximately 30-45 minutes per session

  • Sessions Required for Optimal Results: 5+ sessions, 14-21 days apart

  • Recovery Time: Minimal

How Long Will It Take To See Results From TightSculpt?

The fat cells are destroyed on the day of treatment. Results vary from person to person, but most people can expect to see some immediate results of tighter skin several days after treatment. The complete result takes place gradually over a time period of 2-3 months, with some seeing additional results 6 months past treatment completion.

What Does The TightSculpt Procedure Feel Like?

Everyone is unique, but typically you can expect to feel a gradual warming sensation and brief, hot sensations in the treatment area throughout the procedure.

Before and After TightSculpt

TightSculpt Before and After 2.jpeg



TightSculpt Before and After.jpeg



TightSculpt Before and After 3.jpeg

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